Diy installation

Install your own Snug Gutter Guard with our DIY installation kits.

Want to have the most effective gutter protection available at ¼ the price?Systems with similar performance cost $40/m fitted and can’t be purchased DIY.

FIT your own and save $20 metre.

Whole of house protection and peace of mind for $660 ( based on an average Perth house of 60m).

DIY Foam Gutter Guards

  • Regular or Snug Extreme
  • Fire Retardant
  • Easiest guard to fit and most effective
  • Pick Up in O’Connor W.A.
  • Interstate delivery also available


Armed with just a stanley knife you can install Snug Gutter Guards to an average sized Perth home in just a few hours.

DIY Snug Gutter Guard installion instructions

Snug Gutter Guards fits gutters with the dimensions in these ranges

1. Be sure to clean your gutters out thoroughly, flushing all downpipes to ensure they are working. Additionally, it is recommended that a hose is used along all gutters to wash out any mud or encrusted dirt.

2. If external gutter brackets, proceed to step 4.

3. Snug Guards need to have slits cut on the underside to go around internal gutter brackets. Place the Snug upside down on top of where you intend to install it. Note where the gutter brackets are located. Cut slots across the FGG at these points (from the base cutting up to the top) about 80% through. Turn over the right way and push into the gutter as per 4.

4. Push Snug into the gutter . The 90 degree angle will be at the back top with the sharp angle section fitting in the gutter lip. (see picture) Make sure the back is hard up against the back of the gutter to allow water to pass along the front of the gutter in the Snug channel. Fit each one metre section alongside the next, leaving no gaps. Metre corners as you go.