Advantages over others

Why snug gutter guards are the better choice for home owers in perth?

Most cost effective guard on the market

Having worked with a number of gutter guard systems we feel qualified to tell why Snug Gutter Guards are so good by comparing the alternatives and rating their performance.

Snug Gutter Guards

Compare the alternatives

1.Aluminium / Stainless Mesh We rates these well because they completely cover the gutter and provide a smooth join between the roof and gutter. Leaves can’t get into the gutter. Leaves don’t get trapped at the roofline and are likely to blow off the roof because of the ski-slope design of the mesh.

This system has significant downsides, however;
1. Very costly and labour intensive to install at $40/m

2. Necessity to drill many fixing holes for metal roofs. This often voids the roof manufacturers warranty. Fitting to tiled roofs involves moving tiles which causes leaks

3. It is very fragile where anyone climbing over the gutters ( other  trades men ete ). Will easily destroy the mesh

4. Seeds pass through the mesh and germinate with weeds growing back up through the mesh. They can’t e moved.

5. Must be destroyed to be removed and then leaves thousands of holes in your roof.

Snug equals this system in terms of performance but has none of the problems. and.. at half the filled cost or 1/4 of the cost if you DIY
2. Perforated steel
These products are a one size fits all. Sometimes they fit the job well and often they leave large gaps between the roof and product where leaves collect or fall backwards into the gutter. Seeds will pass through mesh into your gutter, germinate and grow through the steel mesh.

2. Brush/Hedgehog Inserts
These products allow leaves and debris to slip down into the gutter or get stuck in the brush. The brush is often seen from below and is unsightly.

3. Plastic Mesh
This doesn’t fit gutters well and lets leaves get trapped in the gutter . It breaks down quickly in the sun and makes a mess. SNUG is UV protected to provide long life in the Australian sun.

Typical cost saving

Typical cost for Aluminium mesh $40/m fitted


  • is half that cost fully installed
  • 1/3 that cost DIY
  • An average house is 60m so for $2400 you could have mesh fitted
  • For $1080 you can have your house gutters cleaned flushed and fitted with Foam Gutter Guards with a free maintenance check and have complete have peace of mind
  • For $660 you can do it yourself…….and we take Credit cards.

Prime applications (where we excel)

  • Great for 2 Storey homes where gutters are inaccessible and get neglected
  • Great for gutters off flat/skillion roofs
  • Great for the retired where gutter cleaning is difficult and dangerous
  • Great for landlords who can rest easy knowing their property is being protected
  • Great for small leafed trees that other guard systems can’t manage – jacaranda’s
  • Inaccessible gutters between patios and houses