Snug gutter guard testimonials

Gutter Guards

Graham Orchard, Lesmurdie
First came across this product at a trade show a couple of years ago. Had tried a few styles of gutter guard systems but not had much luck. Bought some of this product and gave it a try. Best of the systems I have used. Keeps leaves and twigs out of the gutter and easy to blow away or vacuum. Back today to purchase another 40 metres to finish off the rest of the house. Trial over, time to finish the job!

Tom Ford, Doubleview

Highly recommended, good quality installation with minimal hassle.
Debra Lane, Bibra Lake
My mother is getting very elderley and we need solutions that make her home as maintenance free as possible. We had Snug guards installed which has eliminated the need for gutter cleaning and given her peace of mind. With a park over the road she was always concerned about the fire risk.
N Grant, Shenton Park
My neighbours trees continually drop leaves, flowers and honky nuts. The snug gutter guard keeps the gutters free of leaves and debris. The installation price was very reasonable compared to other quotes.
Nigel Armstrong, The Lakes
We have returned to buy more Snug Gutter Guards after our first purchase 12 months ago.
Pine needles are our problem. Most of these blow off the snug guard with wind and we blow the rest off with our blower. This has eliminated our overflowing gutter problems.
K McGowan, Mundaring
We are surrounded by native bush. We bought snug because of the following;
unlike other products it isn’t fixed to the gutter or roof. This means we can get under it and clean it out. Stamens (eucalypt flowers) don’t block the holes and wash out with water.
We tested the Snug by putting live coals on it and it did not catch fire. This is great when you live in a fire prone area.